Want to be a Beer Designer?

We are holding a contest to design the next Lowercase Apparel Line! We don’t think slapping a logo on a t-shirt truly represents the Lowercase lifestyle. If you think you have the chops to #GetLo with our brand, send us your design for a chance to win! This is your chance to tell a brewery how you would like to see local beer represented.

Winner(s) will receive:

  • The garment they designed (could be a t-shirt, hoodie, etc.)           

  • Credit for the design on our social accounts and the garment itself

  • A Miir Stainless Steel Lowercase Growler w/fill

  • 5 Growler Re-Fills

Please send your entry(s) to drinkbeer@lowercasebrewing.com with the subject: “Apparel Contest Entry.” Don’t have design skills, but know someone who does? Share the link to this page on social media or send to a friend!

Good Luck, and thanks for helping us keep it Lo.