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2019 Mid-Sized Brewery of the Year


and Winner of SEVEN 2019 Washington beer awards, six of them gold


Our brewery's not an academy. It's not a science lab. It's a place to make beer. And have a beer.

A good one. Hopefully, a great one.

We got our start making beer in our basement and seeing what our friends thought of it.

After a little trial and error, the beer started tasting pretty good. 

Come On Down.


Our Taproom

6235 Airport Way South, Seattle, WA 98108

Hours: Tues-Fri: 3:00-10:00pm | Sat: 11:00-10:00pm | Sun: 11:00-8:00pm | Closed monday

Our taproom is located in the Georgetown neighborhood of South Seattle.



  • 13 - Beers on tap

  • 1 - Non-alcoholic tap (our house-made carbonated lemonade or limeade)

  • 1 - Cold-Brew Coffee tap (beans by Seven Coffee Roasters)

  • A selection of wines, hard ciders, a hard ginger beer, and a gluten-free beer

  • Made-to-order, 32oz “LoBoy” (crowler) cans to-go

  • Seattle lite lager 6 packs to-go

  • Outdoor patio

  • Dog friendly

  • Kid friendly

We have a selection of snack-type foods available:

  • Popcorn (Free)

  • Meat Pies: (Chicken Pot Pie, Brown Ale/Brisket, and French Mushroom)

  • Seasonal meat and cheese board

  • Soft Pretzels with homemade beer cheese

  • A homemade snack mix- such as Chex Mix

Looking for us around town? Our beer is distributed in kegs throughout Seattle and Tacoma. You can also find our beer at these great local Farmers Markets:

  • BALLARD - Every Sunday, 10:00-3:00pm

  • WEST SEATTLE - First and Last Sunday of the month, 10:00-2:00pm

  • RENTON - Every Tuesday, 2:00-7:00pm

  • COLUMBIA CITY - Alternating Wednesdays, 2:00-7:00pm

  • QUEEN ANNE - Every Thursday, 2:00-7:00pm

  • SHORELINE - Every Saturday, 10:00-3:00pm

Our Beers

mexican_black 200.png


Modeled after its cousins south of the border… a lighter brew with loads of taste

YEAR-ROUND OFFERING | 4.5% ABV | South Park is a neighborhood of diversity and this beer is dedicated to our neighborhood. Brewed in the style of a Vienna Lager, we use a traditional German lager yeast and take the time needed to properly create this amber beauty. A bit darker than you might expect and featuring all Skagit Valley grown malts, this beer is crisp, clean and everything you’ll find in a mass produced lager... it just tastes better.

AWARDS: Gold Medal: “Other Lagers,” 2019 WA Beer Awards | Silver Medal: “Other Lagers,” 2017 WA Beer Awards | Bronze Medal: “Other Lagers,” 2018 WA Beer Awards

pale_black 200.png


Your everyday brew… with a little bit of personality

YEAR-ROUND OFFERING | 4.8% ABV | Skagit Valley grown Copeland malt mixed with a good dose of Munich malt makes this beer smooth and light-bodied, yet balanced. Cascade hops bring home the finish with just the right amount of citrus.  Not bad for a beer with 3 grains and 1 hop… the majority hailing from the great state of Washington.

pils_black 200.png


Crisp, floral, and refreshing- like zooming though Tuscany on a Vespa.

YEAR-ROUND OFFERING | 4.9% ABV | Modeled after Italian brewery Birrificio Italiano’s Tipopils, this beer is light and crisp... but with unique floral undertones, unlike its Czech pilsner counterpart.

AWARDS: Gold Medal: “Collaboration Beer,” 2018 WA Beer Awards

strata_black 200.png


Pineapple and terpenes drive this very approachable, yet relevant “Strata” hop

YEAR-ROUND OFFERING | 6.0% ABV | A former exprimental hop developed at Oregon State University, Strata quickly became one of our very favorite hops. Front loaded with citrus flavor, this tropical beauty remains approachable ‘til the end. Top it all off with an aroma some may find curiously familiar.

ipa_black 200.png


A balanced IPA for IPA lovers and doubters alike

YEAR-ROUND OFFERING | 6.3% ABV | Not intended to be a palate wrecker, we opted for a more subtle approach to this popular style. Skagit Valley grown Copeland malt partners with large amounts of rye to create a slightly spicy, dry backbone. Combine this with both Mount Hood and Centennial hops and you a get an extremely approachable, floral IPA  – all while keeping the overall bitterness in check.

AWARDS: Gold Medal: “Rye Beer,” 2017 WA Beer Awards | Bronze Medal: “Rye Beer,” 2018 WA Beer Awards | Bronze Medal: “Rye Beer,” 2019 Best of Craft Beer Awards

esb_black 200.png


An English creation with a state-side twist

YEAR-ROUND OFFERING | 5.2% ABV | Our English-style ESB is anchored by an English malt: Marris Otter. We then utilize a quartet of hops to create a delightful beer that complements any dish. Despite the bitter moniker, this beer drinks more malty than hoppy has a ruby color with a great, almost fennel-like, hop finish. A bit more complex than your average brew, but extremely drinkable.

AWARDS: Gold Medal: “English-Style Bitters,” 2019 WA Beer Awards | Silver Medal: “Amber/Red Ales,” 2018 Sip Northwest “Best Of the NW”

brown_black 200.png


A true Northwest original… combining beer and coffee  

YEAR-ROUND OFFERING | 5.4% ABV | Not your typical brown ale, behold a beer that dark beer drinkers can unite behind. Our take uses a combination of Skagit Valley grown Copeland malt, toasted malts, Nugget hops and cold-brewed coffee to create a truly unique brew.  This is not about adding new flavors, but taking existing flavors and turning up the dial… great beer meeting great coffee.

stout_black 200.png


Dark and intense with just the right balancing sweetness

SEASONAL OFFERING | 5.0% ABV | Creamy and silky, our winter Irish dry stout will warm you from the inside out. Darkly roasted malts provide a deep base and slight sweetness. Far from single-noted… this brew is intense with layers of flavor



A Belgian-style beer for these long Seattle summer days

SEASONAL OFFERING | 4.9% ABV | You can’t beat summer in the PNW... so we designed a beer to pair with those long sun-filled days. This beer is all about the Belgian yeast, delivering a clove-like aroma and flavor. Pair that with Skagit Valley grown base malt, un-malted wheat, and the right amount of coriander & bitter orange peel and you have a cloudy, yet refreshing delight. Difficult to make... but so easy to enjoy!

AWARDS: Gold Medal: “Witbiers,” 2019 WA Beer Awards | Gold Medal: “Witbiers,” 2018 WA Beer Awards


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